The OMSB Exam Coordination and Delivery Section performs all necessary procedures concerning conduction of examinations. The OMSB local examinations such as End of Year, Part I and Part II ( Written and Clinical ) are primarily examinations which OMSB residency requires in the assessment and for the progression and promotion as well as an exit examination for specializations. in the other hand, the international examinations as Arab Board, MRCP-UK, MCAI, OET, FRCPath and MRCPsych which are hosted by OMSB as a Testing Center in Oman are optional for the residents and non-residents of OMSB.

To administer Local and International Examinations that fairly and fully allow demonstration of medical candidates learning.

To develop the health care by providing a quality Medical Examinations.

- Confidentiality
- Exams and Service Quality
- Results Accuracy
- Work Integrity and Credibility

OMSB Examinations Rules:

A. End of Academic Year Examination:

1. It is conducted at the end of each academic year and considered as one of the progression criteria from one training level to another. The examination consists of a written format, and may contain a clinical part.

2. The examination and the re-sit exam passing scores are determined as per the rules and standards set by OMSB.

3. If the trainee does not pass the end of year examination and the re-sit examination, he/she must repeat the academic year as per the regulations and procedures set by OMSB.

4. The End of Year Examination is waived for the trainee in the final year of training. This exam is also waived in the academic year that the trainee passes the OMSB Part-I Examination based on the OMSB regulations and processes.

B. OMSB Part-I Specialty Examination:

1. Passing this examination is a main requirement for successful completion of a residency program training and is considered as one of the requirements for awarding the specialty certificate granted by OMSB. This Examination consists of a written part and may contain a clinical part.

2. The trainee may sit for this examination in the first, second or the third academic year based on the recommendations of the Education Committee.

3. The passing scores of the examination is determined as per the OMSB rules and standards. The trainee shall not progress from the third level of residency to the fourth without passing this examination.

4. If this examination is not available, the Education Committee may propose an alternative examination. The committee may set the rules and processes for the alternative examination in coordination with the concerned regulatory unit at OMSB. The proposal is then presented to the Executive Board for a decision on implementation.

5. If the trainee fails this examination, he/she may re-sit the exam within one year of the first attempt of sitting the exam. In all circumstances, the trainee may not exceed 3 attempts of the examination, and if he/she fails the third attempt, his/her training shall be terminated.

6. OMSB shall only cover the cost of the first attempt for this examination. Any subsequent attempt(s) shall be paid by the trainee or his/her sponsor/employer, if any.

C. OMSB Part-II Specialty Examination:

1. This examination is one of the requirements for obtaining a Specialty Certificate. Sitting this examination is contingent on successfully completing the training period of the program, passing the examination of each academic year (if any) and passing the OMSB Part-I examination. This examination consists of a written part and may consist of a clinical part or any other formats determined by OMSB.

2. The trainee may sit this examination for the first time during the last six (6) months of the final academic year in the training program and after obtaining the approval of the Education Committee.

3. The physician may sit this examination within a maximum of two (2) years after receiving the Completion of Training Certificate.

4. If the physician fails this examination in the first attempt, he/she may re-sit the examination for a maximum of three (3) additional attempts within three (3) years from the date of the first attempt of sitting the examination.

5. If the physician fails the fourth attempt of the examination, or if five (5) years passed from the date of completing the training requirements, he/she will be enrolled in an additional training for one year. This training shall be set by the Education Committee before he/she sits for the final attempt of the examination.

6. The physician’s enrollment in the additional training mentioned in sections C point five (5) of this article is contingent on the approval of the Education Committee, the Executive Board, and his/her sponsor/employer (if any). The physician should complete his/her additional training within six (6) years after the completion of the training requirement in the residency program.

7. The passing score of this examination is determined as per the rules and standards set by OMSB.

8. The physician or his/her sponsor/employer, if any, shall cover the cost of all attempts of this examination.


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