Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) has officially inaugurated a new Prometric Testing center specialized in delivering medical examinations in the Sultanate on 11th February 2013. The computer-based examinations help to ensure that OMSB medical standards are being met by candidates seeking to practice medicine and deliver healthcare services in Oman. This facility service is considered as the first Prometric testing Center in Oman that delivers medical and non-medical examinations. Currently, the Prometric Center at OMSB offers admission to 31 medical-specialty exams owned by OMSB via the Internet. In addition, the center delivers other international examinations such as the American Board Exam USMLE, MCCEE, PMP, GRE, IFOM, CISI, API, HRCI, TOEFL, etc. The Ministry of Health and other public or private institutions use OMSB Occupational Classification exams for licensing purposes. In other words, to be able to work for the MoH and other Health Service Institutions, a candidate must sit for OMSB exams. Currently, OMSB delivers 37 Occupational Classification examinations for physicians, technologists and technicians. All OMSB examinations are available online at most Prometric centers or other affiliated centers worldwide, so candidates can do OMSB exams at their countries. This service help candidates to save time, cost and facilitates scheduling their exams. Besides, OMSB exams qualify all candidates to proceed with oral examinations and obtain the Medical License.

To ensure that the quality of healthcare being provided is aligned with the Sultanate's National Health System 2020 policy and health vision 2050.

To improve healthcare by providing valid, reliable medical examinations comply with international examination standards.

- To deliver highly online secured exams
- To assess the competencies of healthcare professionals to practice in Oman
- To deliver exams with high level of validity and reliability
- To ensure that all graduates from local educational institutions above the minimum competence standards set to practice in Oman

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TOLL FREE #: +31 320 239 530
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P.O. Box: 1422, Postal Code: 132, Al Azaiba, Sultanate of Oman
Way NO:4443 (Opposite to ALSahwa and behind of NBO)

Registration for Occupational Classification Exams:

1.  Download the registration guide here (Download)

2. Download the examinations contents 

1.     Anesthesia

2.     Cardiology                             

3.     Clinical Pathology     

4.     Dental Assistant              

5.     Dermatology                        

6.     Diagnostic Radiology

7.     Emergency Medicine

8.     Endodontics

9.     ENT

10. Family Medicine

11. General Dentistry              

12. General Practice                  

13. General Surgery    

14. Gastroenterology                 

15. Internal Medicine

16. Lab Technician   

17. Midwifery                

18. Nephrology                            

19. Neurosurgery 

20. Nurse Specialist                      

21. Obstetrics and Gynecology

22. Occupational Therapy Specialist

23. Ophthalmology                        

24. Optometry                              

25. Orthodontics

26. Orthopedics

27. Pediatrics 

28. Pharmacy Assistant

29. Pharmacy Specialist

30. Physiotherapy               

31. Plastic Surgery

32. Psychiatry                              

33. Radiology

34. Radiographer                                  

35. Urology                                    


· On February 11, 2013, the Omani Council for Medical Specialization opened a center for standardized examinations (Prometric) specialized in administering medical examinations in the Sultanate. The establishment of the center aims mainly to evaluate healthcare groups to obtain health licenses in the Sultanate. The benchmark examination center in the Council is an internationally accredited center according to the standards and systems approved by the American company (Prometric) specialized in providing accredited international examinations. The standard examination center consists of three main halls: the examination room and its annexes, the supervisors and officials hall, and the waiting room, in addition to other facilities. 

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Application for a certification letter

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