1. Implement OMSB bylaws that are related to staff

2. Develop appropriate HR guidelines in order to enhance OMSB operations

3. Participate in studies aimed to develop staff competences and manage their welfare

4. Prepare & review job descriptions

5. Manage training needs for non-core courses

6. Handle the administration aspects of OMSB buildings, such as maintenance & cleaning contracts.

7. Handle transportation requirements of staff & OMSB gusts

Administrative Services Section is part of Administration Affairs Department. This Section provides required services to all OMSB divisions in order to achieve OMSB goals.

Our Vision

To create a suitable working environment for all OMSB staff.

Our Vision

We are seeking to accomplish OMSB mission through finding an incentive and attractive environment that includes applying high quality criteria which acquire costumer's satisfaction.

Our Mission

Commitment in creating an incentive environment through creativity and teamwork in order to find the suitable solutions and using technology to support OMSB role in initializing distinct medical staff.

Our Duties

1.  Apply OMSB's policies, personnel affairs bylaw and after-service compensations and pension law for OMSB employees.

2.   Participate in preparing plans that related to structural development and work system procedure to develop human resources.

3.  Doing all the works that related to employees recruiting and their occupational gradation including transferring, deputy, allowance, leaves, and ends of services. 

4.  Preparing payroll data and proceeding payment procedures.

5.  Managing performance assessment reports and recommendations contained to take the action needed.

6.  Ordering and saving data, documents and correspondences which are related to the section's activities in order to have easier backup and make use of technology in this field.

About Us

Transportation & Stores Section is part of the Administration Affairs Department. Its main objective is to provide transportation service to OMSB staff & gusts. Furthermore, the Section is responsible for providing stationery supplies for OMSB business.

Training and Development Section is part of Administration Affairs Department.

Training & Development Section’s goal

Train and develop OMSB employees knowledge, skills and attitude to qualify them to do their job in the right way toward high performance

Scope of working:

only for Omani permanent employees who are working in different departments at the OMSB.


  1.  Train and develop the employees to do their work in the right way.
  2.  Qualify the employees to carry out the new tasks and responsibilities.
  3.  Improve the employee productivity in both quantity and quality side. 
  4.  Achieve the motivation of the employee through training and development attention.
  5.  Increase the awareness of the importance of training, and motivate them to search for the new
  6.  Self-realization for employees who have an ambition in the organization.


P.O Box - 1422
P.C. 132, Al-Khoudh
Sultanate of Oman


 P.O. Box: 1422
 PC 132, Al-Khoudh
 Sultanate of Oman

  (+968) 24181000

  (+968) 24181169


Contact Us:

E-mail: personnel@omsb.org
Fax: +968 24181199 

Khulood Al-Amri
E-mail: khulood.a@omsb.org
Telephone: +968 24181173 

Sara Al-Nabhani
E-mail: sara.n@omsb.org
Telephone: +968 24181143 

Yasser Al-Yaqoubi
E-mail: yasser.y@omsb.org
Telephone: +968 24181137

Contact Us

Fax: +968 2418 1199 
E-mail: training.hr@omsb.org

Sheikha Al-Haddabi
Head of Training and Development Section
Telephone: +968 2418 1125 

Mosab AL-Hafeedh
E-mail: mosab.h@omsb.org
Telephone: +968 24181033

Contact Us

Fax: +968 2418 1199 
Telephone: +968 24181000