Out of caring to develop the process of communicating with clients as well as facilitating that process in a practical and organized way, OMSB has activated the Public Services Department in 2013 to be the link between OMSB and its clients, and to be a reliable reference for the latter.

Public Services Department is mainly concerned with receiving queries, requests, complaints, and suggestions, and dealing with them rapidly and professionally.

Expose our clients to the best service experience ever.

Create an outstanding environment to provide excellent services that meet our clients' expectations.

Who are our clients?

Public Services Department deals with three categories of clients:
1) Oman Medical Specialty Board residents.
2) Health specialists and institutions having matters with Oman Medical Specialty Board.
3) Institutions and individuals having matters with Oman Medical Specialty Board (general).

Phone: +(968)24181000

E-mail: info@omsb.org

Fax: +(968)24181196

* OMSB residents can contact us through the helpline: 24181114 or via e-mail: residentservice@omsb.org