The documents Department in OMSB, a subsidiary of Executive president Office. It consists of three sections: the mail section, organizing documents section and archiving section. The department is covering number of functions stipulated in the Royal Decree No. (60/2007) in item No. (42), namely: The documents departments and sections in ministries and institutions applying the rules, regulations and procedures adopted by the National Records and Archives Authority for mange the current and intermediate documents, it’s also responsible for the following:

1. Prepare classification system of documents, retention schedules and procedural tools of manage documents.

2. Holding a Post Procedures

3. Providing technical support to staff in the application of rules and regulations.

4. Providing technical support to staff in transforming the current documents to the intermediary keeping store.

5. Management of intermediate documents and make them available to its constituent parties upon request.

6. Transform archives to NRAA.

7. Destruction of documents that ended the legal period for keeping.

8. Participate in events organized by relevant organizations within and outside the country.

Documentation Section endeavor to establish management documents system. Through awareness staff to using the tools of classification system for paper and electronic documents. Moreover, introduce them about the stages of documents to ensure inferred and easily access in accordance with the rules. Thus reflected positively on the productivity of the institution of administrative work.

Leadership in application of document management system throw scientific bases and innovative way in all departments and sections of OMSB. To increase of organization and productivity in work environment.

1. Collect OMSB documents and organize it by the classification system and approved conservation rules.

2. Organize OMSB documents so as to achieve ease of reference and inferred.

3. Continuous follow-up to make sure the use of properly working tools.

4. Follow-up transform files to intermediate store.

5. Consider the department's issues and reporting it to His Excellency.

1. Quality use for work tools to apply a classification system of documents in all OMSB sections.
2. Teamwork to enhance the functions of the employees in documents department, with taking care each of them responsibilities.
3. Enhancing workers secretariat and secrecy in dealing with documents.
4. Using technologies.
5. Encourage innovation to improve work in the department.
6. Training and continuing education for employees.


1. Prepare the procedural tools for the management of documents, classification system of documents and retention scadual in coordination with the NRAA

2. Review classification system and retention schedules of documents whenever necessary

3. Follow-up of Applying procedures for documents organizing and provide technical support to OMSB staff.

4. Recording the Incoming and outgoing Mail of OMSB according to the numerical sequence taking into consideration the document classification system accredited

5. Distribute Incoming mail to OMSB sections and save a digital copy

6. Send outgoing mail to other institutions and save digital copies

7. Help the OMSB sections to obtain copies of outgoing or incoming mail


1. Providing technical support to the OMSB sections to transfer documents that no longer current use to the intermediary keeping store.
2. Order of intermediate documents, save them and provide it to the Original Owners 
3. Sort the intermediate documents and then carried over to NRAA or destroyed.

Document Organization Section 

  Abdullah Hamood Zahir Al Sarmi 
  Head of documents organizing Section
  Khoula Mubarak Nasser Al Dhamri 
  Documents Technician

   Fathiya Mohaammed Hkalfan Al Omaiori
  Documents Technician

  Post and Document Organizing Section

  Alia Ali Abdullah Alharthi
  Head of post and document organizing section

  Nuha Mohamed Abdullah Alhadhrami
  Documents Technician

 Noora Khalfan Khamis Al Husaini 
  Documents Specialist
  Said Salim Hammad Al Saidi
  Mail Technician