Professional Competence Department

This section ensures that all healthcare practitioners are competent to practice their professions and maintain their performance through life-long learning. It also provides a comprehensive database of all healthcare professionals and ensures that all policies and regulations are met. The other roles are as follows:

  • set and implement the specialized systems programs in order to achieve the objectives of the approved strategic plan
  • Implement wok tasks based on the approved rules, policies and regulations that are in line with the quality assurance standards.
  • Conduct specialized research on how to develop work in the professional competence field
  • Create, develop and update a comprehensive database for all physicians and other healthcare professionals in the Sultanate
  • Coordinate with other sections to obtain the required information in order to update the healthcare professionals database.
  • Ensure the completion of training hours and continuing professional development requirements of all physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • Prepare the data required for work systems in the field of professional competence
  • Participate in local and international committees to achieve the objectives of the section
  • Propose methods and techniques to improve and simplify work in the section
  • Submit periodic reports to the Director
  • Other duties as assigned