The Skills Development Section is working along with other sections at Medical Simulation and Skills Development Center to develop and provide the necessary knowledge and skills aiming to improve the competency of healthcare professions. The section works to develop the courses and workshops for health professions to ensure excellence in healthcare by working together with other OMSB committees, national organizations and international collaborators.

To empower the healthcare providers and the community in the health system with up to date knowledge and skills by using the advanced learning technologies.

Advancement of the healthcare worker competencies to ensure excellence in healthcare.

To improve the professional learning for healthcare.
To enhance learning experiences by new innovative methods.
Promote health education for the community.
Partnership with the key players in the health system.

Continual improvement of quality.
Achieve diversification.
Ensure sustainability.
Enhance empowerment.
Strong relation with the partners.

Some workshops conducted for the residents at OMSB:

-Evidence Based Medicine

-Medical Professionalism

-Resident as Teacher

-Communication Skills for Clinical Settings

-Infection Prevention and Control

-Patient Safety and Quality Management

-Medical Law and Ethics

Dr. Shaima Darwish

Head, Resident and Faculty Development Section

Mrs. Muna Al Battashi

Curricula Specialist

Mrs. Khadija Al Kozairi

Training Development Specialist

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Skills Development Section

Medical Simulation and Skills Development Center

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