The department strives to disseminate legal awareness among OMSB staff by furnishing them with training and knowledge of the applicable legal systems and regulations in order to obtain positive impact on their.

Quality in applying legal systems at various OMSB departments and sections according to the established legal principles and in a smooth manner that facilitates upgrading of legal awareness among OMSB staff.

- Quality and excellence in performance and utilization of work tools to serve the different OMSB administrative divisions. - Adopt the values of brotherhood and teamwork to enhance the roles and performance of the department’s staff members together with stressing the responsibility of each staff member towards his work.
- Maintain values of confidentiality and honesty in work and prevent disclosure of work affairs.
- Make use of new technologies in performing assignments.
- Encourage creativity and innovation among the department’s personnel to facilitate the work.
- Urge the department’s staff to have further training and education in order to strengthen their legal and administrative skills and knowledge.

1. Participate in reviewing OMSB draft rules and regulations and introduce necessary amendments thereto.

2. Review OMSB draft decisions, circulars and contracts.

3. Express legal opinion on the issues referred from the different OMSB organizational divisions and observe proper application of laws and regulations.

4. Investigate employees on alleged violations after being referred from concerned authority.

5. Undertake the secretariat role in staff administrative disciplinary panels.

6. Represent OMSB before judiciary bodies in suits at all levels and types and follow up implementation of relevant adjudications.

7. Develop a yearly work plan for the department priorities, phase implementation of same over the year and report on achievements and obstacles thereto, if any.

8. Perform any other tasks assigned to the department within the framework of its competence.

Dr. Hani Al Salami: Director- Legal Department

Mohammed Al Hanaie- Legal Researcher

Manal Al Abri- Legal Researcher