The Public Relations & Information Department works continuously on building and maintaining the positive image of the organization. It also tries to improve the quality of services provided & strengths its relationships with different governmental & private agencies and Media.

Create a good image for OMSB and its contributions to improve medical care for Omani community through different means of communication.

Employ the available recourses in order to promote OMSB and its future plans and activities that aim to develop the medical education.

1. To Promote OMSB and its mission through events & various media.

2. To Create relations and strength the communication with government and private institutions.

3. To Improve the services provided to OMSB visitors and facilitating the procedures of their visits.

4. To Provide logistics services that support OMSB activities and event and ways to promote them.

5. To Participate in medical & scientific events that attract the largest possible number of doctor.

The Public Relations department serves OMSB through its three different sections as indicated.

Events & Activities Section

1. Prepare the annual events plan including conferences, workshops, exhibitions and seminars.

2. Organizing the annual Events like (Orientation Day, Graduation Ceremony & Research Days)

3. Designing all the required materials such as invitation Cards, posters, brochures and banners for the OMSB events.

4. Coordinating with other departments to arrange all required equipment and Materials needed to carry out activities.

5. Arranging the visit program for VIP visitors and escorting them.

6. Responsible for VIP protocols (invitation, gifts, seating, receiption, Dress code)

7. Send thanking letters for the OMSB visitors.

8. Receive OMSB guests in the Airport and finish their check out process.


1. Issue visa for OMSB visitors through ROP.

2. Communicating with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get Visa for official trips.

3. Issue the visit visa for official trip to abroad through embassies.

4. Helping the HR Department for issuing visa for OMSB new employees.

Reservation & Ticketing Section

1. Contact with travel agencies to reserve flights for the OMSB visitors.

2. Get flights quotations for different agencies.

3. Get corporate rates from different airlines for OMSB satff.

4. Renew the annual corporate rates agreements with Hotels & book rooms for OMSB visitors.

5. Book halls for the OMSB events and activities and coordinate for all Hall arrangements.

The Media Section serves OMSB as indicated

Cover events

The Department of Media covers all events and workshops by writing news, taking photos and filming videos.

Coordinate with Media institution

  • The Department of Media coordinate with Newspapers, Radio and TV to covering OMSB events.
  • Coordinate with companies to make videos and advertisements.


The Department designs all posters, booklets, graduation book and invitation cards of OMSB.


The Department translates all news and post them on OMSB website.


The Department is in charge of posting news and announcements on OMSB website.


The Department is responsible of documenting and storing any material related to OMSB events, activities and news which Media Dept covers and which is published.

Social Media

Media Dept. has established accounts on Facebook and Twitter for OMSB announcements and news.

Inputs (manpower, facilities & resources)

Public Relation Section

Maha Al Hooti


Tel: 24181056

Dawood Al Balushi


Tel: 24181028

Ahmed Al Moqbali


Tel: 24181006

Salih Al Farsi


Tel: 24181073

Manal Al Dairi


Tel: 24181076

Media Section

Abrar Alrasbi 
Tel: 24181003

Humaid Alswafi
Tel: 24181181