The mandate of OMSB is to lead the Post-medical education in the Sultanate of Oman to ensure excellence in medical care providing with compassion, creativity and flexibility. Therefore, Research Section was established to build capacity, provide support and promote clinical & medical education research for OMSB residents, trainers and staff.

To develop research culture and skills among OMSB residents, trainers and healthcare professionals.

Achieve excellence in patient care and evidenced base practice.

- Office Research Consultations for OMSB residents and trainers

- Research Workshops (online and physical for residents, trainers and other healthcare professionals)

- Participating in academic activities related to research (including research evaluation, journal clubs and lecture delivery)

- Supporting research sub-committees of various OMSB training programs

-Supporting OMSB residents and staff in getting research grant

- Providing editorial support to Oman Medical Journal

- Providing a dynamic data regarding residents' research and Medical Education Research in OMSB

Useful Links:

To book for consultation

To view Research Workshops

To view research funding programs by The Research Council

OMSB Proposal Writing Guide

Ethical Approval Application form This is link
Guidelines for Responsible Conduct of Clinical Studies and Trials

ICMJE Authorship Recommendation

International Ethical guidelines for Health Related Research Involving Humans

Documents and Forms for Research Funding by The Research Council

o For OMSB Residents and OMSB Staff (bachelor and master level)

§ Detailed Graduate Research Grant Program by The Research Council

§ How to apply

o For OMSB Staff (PhD level and consultant)

§ Summarized Research Grant Program by The Research Council

§ How to apply

o For Approved Funded Research Projects

§ Fund Release Request Form

§ Contract for Service

§ Fund Transfer Form

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Office: Research Section, 2nd Floor, OMSB building

Way 244, North Al Athaiba
Sultanate of Oman