Work environment compatible with the regulations and laws applicable in the state.

Flexible control system.

Terms of Reference related to auditing accounting books, records and documents:

1. Check accounting books, records and documents and attachments thereto and audit same in part or on whole as the need may be. In general terms, audit all of the OMSB accounts observing the instructions of the Classification Guide of the General Budget of State.

2. Check shall be carried out according to an annual program to be approved by the Executive President before the start of the fiscal year.

3. Audit accounting entries made by the OMSB Financial Affairs Department whether in regard of revenues and expenses or fixed and movable funds allocated for the Board.

4. Check and audit records of OMSB fixed and moveable funds.

5. Audit and review OMSB financial statements, after expiry of the fiscal year, within the specified period, and the financial position on quarterly basis and prepare a report including the findings.

Terms of reference regarding safeguarding public money:

1.Ensure application of laws, regulations, decisions, systems and procedures related to safeguarding public money especially fixed and moveable funds allocated to OMSB.

2. Carry out auditing of the following:
- Work of the main and subsidiary OMSB warehouses and the works related to the vehicles and means of transport.

- Work of the government treasuries whether in the OMSB, the Simulation Center or any of the OMSB affiliated bodies together with auditing imprest and temporary advance funds and conduct abrupt inventories of the above and report the findings thereof.

- Works of the OMSB vehicles and other means of transport.

3. Conduct abrupt inventory of warehouses, treasuries, impress and temporary advance funds and other funds allocated to the Board in accordance with the provisions of the Executive Regulations of the Financial Law and other applicable regulations and prepare necessary reports on the findings and then provide copies of such reports to the Ministry of Finance and the State Financial and Administrative Audit Institution.

4. Express opinion on the requests for deleting loss values of the public funds allocated the OMSB in case such loss is not under the responsibility of anybody or if it was not possible to determine the responsible person despite conducting the necessary investigation and before submission to the Ministry of Finance

5. Supervise conducting the annual inventory of the government warehouses.

6. Review reports of the works of the annual inventory committee and prepare necessary reports thereon.

7. Supervise conducting annual inventory of the government treasuries.

8. Control and inspect subsidiary and personal trusts.

9. Review staff salaries and other entitlements.

Terms of Reference with regard to Financial Control:

1.Take necessary actions upon detecting any financial offense within OMSB together with informing both of the Ministry of Finance and the State Financial and Administrative Audit Institution at the time of detecting the violation.

2.Propose systems necessary for enhancing OMSB financial control and internal audit procedures or introduce amendments thereto to comply with nature of OMSB terms of reference, tasks and organizational structure after coordinating with both of the Ministry of Finance and the State Financial and Administrative Audit Institution.

Terms of reference regarding auditing revenues and expenses

Audit the OMSB revenues as follows:

Audit OMSB revenues in the light of the provisions of the Executive Regulations of the Financial Law promulgated by the Ministerial Decision no. 118/2008

Audit payment vouchers and daily and monthly records and adjustments of the OMSB staff remunerations before processing payment to ensure that the Board’s spending comply with the provisions of the financial laws, regulations, systems and procedures in force, especially those provided for in the Executive Regulation of the Financial Law, together with auditing purchase orders, contracts and agreements concluded in this regard provided that they are signed in accordance with the Royal Decree no.48/76

Audit impress and temporary advances, observing the provisions of the Executive Regulations of the Financial Law no. 118/2008 in the same context.

Take necessary procedures to ensure collecting revenues due to the Board observing need to abide by the established administrative enforcement procedures in case debtor abstained from paying the dues of the Board in full and within the determined period.

Propose necessary procedures for rationalizing OMSB spending.

Hamood al-Harthy (Director)        

Wafa Al-Fudheli

Shamsa Al-Hatmi

Basim Al-Balushi

Fatma Al-Hinai