The General Foundation Program (GFP) is the professional system responsible for organizing training for post internship doctors. The GFP aims at producing competent doctors (medical officer level) in various clinical specialties to fulfill the health workforce requirements. Since launching in January 2019, more than 300 Omani post internship doctors have joined the program. They are currently distributed in 21 different specialties within 6 GFP tracks. The principal features of the GFP is that it is trainee-led. Hence, the program is designed to encourage a learner-centered approach under the supervision of trainers. The curriculum is competency based which outlines competencies that trainees must achieve by the end of the program. To achieve these competencies, the trainees rotate in various training centers for two years. Each rotation is composed of three months duration. To enhance trainees learning, the trainees undergo assessment at various levels. By the end of the two years program, the trainees would attain a completion of GFP training certificate.

The general foundation program provides training for doctors after completing their internship. We train graduates to become medical officers in various surgical and medical specialties (House officer level physicians). We design and administer rotations in various specialties pertinent to their specialty track. We facilitate learning by collaboration with different centers across the country.

Compassionate, patient-centered care through well trained competent medical officers in various clinical specialties.

Producing competent Medical Officers in the field of interest.
Provision of a trained workforce to the healthcare system in Oman.
Formulating a clear future career pathway for the trainees .
Improving quality of health care delivered in the country through building competent and skilled medical officers.

The GFP has 21 different specialties within 6 main tracks: 

 1.     Medical Track:

Ø   General Medicine

Ø  Adult Hematology

Ø  Medical Oncology

Ø  Nephrology

Ø  Neurology

Ø  General Ophthalmology

Ø  Anesthesia

Ø  Dermatology

Ø  Psychiatry

2.     Surgical Track:

Ø  General Surgery

Ø  Orthopedics

Ø  Neurosurgery


Ø   Plastic Surgery

Ø  Urology

3.     Pediatric Track:

Ø  General Pediatric

Ø  Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Ø  Pediatric Surgery

4.   Family Medicine Track
5.     Emergency Medicine Track
6.     OBGYN Track

The following documents must be submitted to enter the GFP:

Completion of internship certificate

Verification of MD/ MBBS certificate for graduates outside Oman

Copy of the Omani passport

Administrative forms

 GFP Trainee Leave Form

GFP Trainee Return from Leave Form

GFP Specialty Transfer Form

Transfer from GFP to Residency Program Form

Transfer from Residency to GFP Form

Withdrawal Request Form

Clearance Form

 GFP Curriculum in the link below:

GFP Curriculum

Dr. Mustafa Al Hinai - GFP In -charge

GFP EC Members:

Dr. Turkiya Al Busaidi- Program Director
Dr. Said Al Mandhari - APD for South Batinah
Dr. Khalid Al Shibli - APD for North Batinah
Dr. Faisal Al Mahrooqi -  APD for Dhakliya
Dr. Dalal Al Ghafri -  APD for Dhahira
Dr. Faiz Al Rashdy -  APD for North and South Sharqiya
Dr. Badriya Al Rashdi – Representative from MOH
Mr. Khalid Al Busaidi - Representative from RH
Dr. Ahmed Zahir Al Maskari- Representative from SQUH
Dr. Maha Al Khadouri- Representative from SQUH
Dr. Maryam Al Hashmi - Representative from KH
Dr. Yaqoob Al Mufargi- Representative from AFH

​Maria Delia I. Libao  | Medical Program Executive

General Foundation Program
Office No:  2418 1619

Khulood  Al-Harthi  | Medical Program Executive
General Foundation Program
Office No:  2418 1031

Rocel Napalcruz | Medical Program Executive

General Foundation Program
Office No: 2418 1124

Maryam Al Shihi  | Medical Program Executive

General Foundation ProgramOffice No: 2418 1615
Mob: +968- 99649294


P.O.Box: 1948; P.C.:130; Al Azaiba; Muscat; Sultanate of Oman