Accreditation is a self and peer review process that provides improvement in the quality of education for the benefit of the public. The sponsoring institute, programs, and participating training sites are assessed for compliance with requirements or standards set by an accrediting organization or body. Upon the analysis of all documents provided and information gathered during interviews, an accreditation status is conferred.

The Institution and Education Programs Accreditation Section in OMSB is responsible for setting policies, standards, and criteria related to local accreditation of training programs and participating training sites. The section, with the assistance of the OMSB Accreditation Committee, also ensures that OMSB and its training programs meet the requirements established by the international accrediting organizations.

To ensure that the training programs comply with the Accreditation Guidelines set by OMSB for residency training.

To improve the training programs through accreditation.

· To improve the quality of postgraduate medical education
· To provide a means for objective assessment of new residency programs
· To assist the scientific committees chairmen and program directors in reviewing the conduct and educational quality of their programs.

Main Services Offered:

·         Recommend, develop, maintain, disseminate, and review policies, standards, and criteria related to the local accreditation process of training programs.

·         Apply for international accreditation from relevant International organizations and follow-up the accreditation process.

·         Assess applications for local accreditation of new training programs, existing accredited programs and new participating training sites.

·         Arrange and conduct periodic review and assessment of locally and internationally accredited training programs and participating training sites.

·         Determine the category of local accreditation granted to training programs and participating training sites based on established standards and requirements of accreditation.

·         Monitor the progress and status of identified citations and concerns mentioned in the Letters of Notification by the international accrediting organizations, Annual Program Evaluation Committee Reports and Accreditation Committee Reports.

·         Prepare Program Letters of Agreement for all training programs.

Dr. Rayhanah Al Mjeni

Head of Section

Mrs. Manar Al Ishaqi

Accreditation Specialist

Ms. Kristel Malibiran

Medical Program Executive

Ms. Xyllene Reynanldo

Medical Program Executive

Ms. Vernaliza Diaz

Medical Program Executive

Click on the links below to download the Local Accreditation Forms:

·  Program Improvement Plan template (PIP)

·  Program Evaluation Committee Form I

·  Program Evaluation Committee Form II

Dr. Rayhanah Al Mjeni

Head of Section 
+968 2418 1625

Manar Al Ishaqi

Accreditation Specialist
+968 2418 1162

Badriya Al Habsi
Assessment Specialist
+968 2418 1138

Manahil Al Farsi
International Accreditation Specialist
+968 2418 1607

Xyllene Grace Reynaldo
Medical Program Executive, Accreditation
+968 2418 1096

Kristel Malibiran
Medical Program Executive, Quality Assurance, Accreditation
+968 2418 1618

Gabriel Bautro Fortu

Medical Program Executive
+968 2418 1617


Office Address:

Local and International Accreditation Section, Education Department 
3rd floor, Oman Medical Specialty Board 

Address: Building #:18, Plot No: 404, Block No: 244, Way No: 4443, Area: Athaiba North,

 P. O. Box: 1422, P. C 132 - Al Khoudh, Sultanate of Oman P. O. Box: 1422, P. C 132 - Al Khoudh, Sultanate of Oman