Management of financial resources optimally by providing the services and the requirements of the Board accordance with the rules and regulations of the Sultanate of Oman.

Achieving the strategic objectives of the Board through the exercise of the best possible ways to take advantage of the available financial resources to conduct tasks and functions.

To achieve vision and mission of the financial department, the following should be considered:
1. Understanding of professional responsibilities by staff of finance department
2. Comply with ethical responsibilities
3. Transparency and credibility in all transactions
4. Create a spirit of innovation and professional development
5. Optimal use of available financial resources
6. Use techniques ,skills and modern financial instruments in implementation
7. Use on modern electronic technologies at work
8. Effective management of financial resources
9. Knowledge of international issues and their impacts
10. Provide financial services for beneficiaries effectively and in best quality

Main Tasks:

1- Executing and applying of financial bylaws issued by related body.
2- Preparing the yearly planned budget, following up of the sanctioned budget and making required amendments according to the actual needs.
3- Contribution in preparing OMSB development plan and managing it.
4- Following up OMSB activities, events and other requirements and funding them.
5- Providing the required wares and services according to the rules and regulations.
6- Adopting the required procedures for posting internal tenders according to the rules and regulations.
7- Following up and executing all operating contracts of OMSB.
8- Following up and executing recruitment qarars and contracts according to the allocated budget.
9- Preparation of the periodically financial reports for decision makers.
10- Requesting of imprests and temporary loans from the concerned party and operating them based on the requirements.
11- Following up the payments of the monthly staff salaries, wages and other related payments.
12- Following up the payments of the suppliers’ dues for the wares and services provided.
13- Contributing in preparation of suggested fees imposing for the OMSB services, following the collection of these fees and other revenues on continuous bases.
14- Preparing the financial statistics and studies for proposed projects and activities.


Handles and deals with all matters relating to Budget and monitoring of it.

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Zahra AL-Lawati (Head of Section)


Amal Al-Balushi



Handles all issues related to expenditures and collect revenues from different sources according to rules and regulations. 

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Tell : 24181080

Asilah Al-Hamdani

Badrya Al-Hoqani

Azza Al-Jabri
Tell :24181084


Implementation of purchase orders, issue tenders and preparation of contracts and follow up according to rules and regulations.

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Nadir Al-Zadjali (Head of Section)

Ibrahim Al-Awaidi

Hanan Al-Hadrami

Khulood Al-Hadhrami



Collecting, recording, managing cash Inflow and cash Outflow in according to financial bylaw of the Sultanate.

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Naser Ali Said Al Nasseri (Head of Section)
Tell: (968) 24181034

Hatem Matar Al Shafei
Tell: (968) 24181665

Abdul-Aziz Salim Al Abri 
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Suliman Nasser Al-Hajji (Director)