Counselling & Guidance

Counselling Guidance Section aims to support the physical health and emotional wellbeing of the OMSB Faculty and trainees. It aims to maximize their personal and professional productivity

To ensure the Wellbeing of OMSB Faculty and Trainees

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Section's Email :

Office - OMSB

At the OMSB building in Bawshar (North Azaiba),

Way No. 4443, Bldg. 18, Block 244, Plot. 404

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Mrs. Noura Al Hadhrami (Head of the Counselling and Guidance Section)

Telephone: 24181072


Mrs. Mashael Al Sabahi (Specialist)

Telephone: 24181160

1. Provide assessment +/ ongoing support for Faculty (Examples) :

 . Stress and psychological concerns.
 . Work performance issues.
 . Communication issues.

1. Provide assessment +/ ongoing support for Trainees in Difficulty (Examples) :

. Stress and psychological concerns.
. Study and exam difficulties.
. Work performance issues.
. Communication issues.

1. Self-Referral
Available to Faculty and Trainees

. Self referral form to be completed and sent by email
. Totally confidential, program will not be notified

2. Program Referral:
Available to Trainees only

. Program Referral Form & Trainee Performance Evaluation Form to be completed by the Education Committee and sent by e-mail
. A report will be sent to the program

3. External Referral
Available only for trainees requiring external support.

Examples of issues Counselling and Guidance Section can help with:

1. Difficulties making progress in training
     a. Assessment failure
     b. Poor organization

2. Problems in clinical performance
    a. Poor clinical judgment
    b. Lack of knowledge
    c. Lack of skills
    d. Critical Incidents

3. Issues with organization skills
    a. time management issues
    b. Communication difficulties
    c. Team working difficulties

4. Symptoms and Signs
    a. Erratic, emotional behavior, anger
    b. Negative attitude
    c. Failure to answer pager
    d. Frequent sick leave
    e. Defensive reactions to feedback

5. Career support and advice

To schedule an appointment at the Counselling and Guidance Section, you can reach us via:

  . E-mail :
  . Telephone: 2418 1072 / 2418 1160
  . Website : > Affairs / Training/ Counselling and Guidance Section/ Forms)
  . Office : At the OMSB building in Bawshar (North Azaiba), Way No. 4443, Bldg. 18, Block 244, Plot. 404


( flowchart of the services) This is link

The impact of wellness and its great role in improving work productivity and reducing the risks of burnout and occupational competency. Therefore Oman Medical Board has devoted itself to reaching a healthy medical society, not only during training period but extending beyond that. For that , the OMSB has approved a Well-Being Online Program available through the OMSB E-learning Portal in order to provide comprehensive knowledge on the different components of wellness and how to enhance them. This program is part of the Core Program for OMSB Trainees. Upon completion of the program, participants are expected to be well rounded on how well-being is managed on an individual and institutional level.

1. Managing Performance & Wellbeing
2. Burnout & Stress Management
3. Fatigue Management
4. Physicians Resilience
5. Depression

The program is available to R2 and above levels and is available through the OMSB E-learning Platform (Tebyan Team) at email

1. What services are offered by the OMSB CGS?
    - Assessment and Counselling
    - Educational Resources (online wellbeing program – social media tips – interactive sessions)

2. Who is eligible for these services ?
    - OMSB Faculty
    - OMSB trainee

3. What are types of referrals available at the CGS?
    - Self-referral (trainees & Faculty)
    - Program referral (Only for trainees)

4. Who can refer trainees to Counselling and Guidance Section ?
    - Chairman / Program Director /Ass. PD
    - Faculty/trainees can self-refer

5. How to refer trainees to CGS ?
    - Complete Program Referral Form and Trainee Performance Evaluation Form
    - Send to Counselling and Guidance by email/ office

6. What are reasons for referral ?
    - Academic issues
    - Social Issues
    - Psychological Issues
    - Illnesses and diseases
    - Absence from work
    - Professional Conduct
    - Interruption, Withdrawal, transfer to another program (please follow ARS guidelines)
    - Any other concerns

7. Can the Education Committee refer a trainee without informing them first?
    - No , Please sit with trainees and talk to them about reasons for referral

8. How to get an appointments at CGS?
    - Call: 24181160 / 24181072
    - Email:

9. How is Counselling done?
    - Face-to-face
    - Virtually mode

10. Will CGS inform the Program if a trainee comes as a self-referral
    - No, this is a confidential service and there will be no report to the program in this case

11. Does the Counselling and Guidance Section provide any medications?
    - No this is not provided at OMSB
    - External referral required

12. Where is Counselling and Guidance Section Located?
    Office location: At the OMSB building in Bawshar (North Azaiba), Way No. 4443, Building. 18, Block 244, Plot. 404