Striving towards and maintaining a pre-eminent position in the specialized medical education community in the region and worldwide.

1. Establishing and maintaining a quality management system at OMSB, based on international quality standards.
2. Ensuring that OMSB clients are offered excellent services while developing with them direct and mutual communication.
3. Continually reviewing OMSB educational programs and services, and getting feedback from staff, trainers, residents and other clients to ensure continual improvement at all levels of the organization.
4. Enhancing managerial and technical skills of staff through actively pursuing on-going professional training.

1. Developing and implementing a quality assurance program that ensure that all OMSB activities and services are administratively and scientifically sound.

2. Monitoring the quality assurance plan to ensure compliance with quality assurance objectives.

3. Ensuring that all employees are complying with the quality assurance plan.

4. Developing and implementing new quality assurance procedure to improve work processes.

5. Monitoring and conducting in-house audits of all departments/sections on a regular basis and applying corrective actions as needed to ensure compliance with the quality assurance plan.

6. Maintaining copies of all procedures and guidelines.

7. Performing statistical analysis of quality data and establishing data bases that accurately reflect the performance of OMSB.

8. Maintain records and archive of all quality assurance data, audit comments, and client inquiries concerning different activities and services.

9. Conducting lectures, seminars and training workshops on quality assurance issues for both OMSB staff and OMSB quality auditors.

1. Document Control Procedure 
The purpose of this Procedure is to ensure that all documents within the OMSB Quality Management System are systematically identified, reviewed, approved and distributed and that the correct documents are used by all OMSB staff, in compliance with the ISO requirements.

2. Control of Records Procedure:
To determine the methods of defining, classifying, preserving and destroying Quality Records.

3. Internal Audit Procedure 
Internal Audit helps an organization to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of on-going operations.

4. Management Responsibilities Procedure
This procedure describes Management Responsibilities for the Quality Management System (QMS) at OMSB

5. Non Conformity Control Procedure
The purpose of this procedure is to establish the process of identifying, documenting and analyzing non-conformities and mitigating their impacts by implementing corrective and preventive actions. OMSB is geared toward the proactive elimination of & potential deficiencies, non- conformities in products, services or the management system are investigated and implemented to prevent reoccurrence.

6. Preventive /Corrective Actions Procedure
The purpose of this procedure is to establish and outline the process for identifying, documenting, analyzing, and implementing corrective actions or preventive actions required as a result of actual or expected non-conformances or issues which are undesirable to the QAD at OMSB or as per ISO 9001:2008 interpreted requirements.

This should help OMSB’s staff to prevent the recurrence of non-conformance by the following aspects: 

1. Reviewing or determination of non-conformities.

2. Determination of the root cause of the non-conformity.

3. Tacking immediate action to eliminate or mitigate the consequences.

4. Planning of preventive action

5. Required measures to prevent recurrent action/corrective action

6. Monitoring and evaluation of corrective action.

7. Customer Satisfaction Survey Approach Procedure
The purpose of this procedure is to define customer survey applications used for providing data to determine customer expectations, to measure and monitor customer satisfaction; in order to meet and improve customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Section 

North Azaiba- Muscat
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Dr. Rashid Al Abri- Acting Head of Planning, Research & Information
Telephone: 96414141

Abeer AL Riyami – Quality Specialist
Telephone: 24181184

Moza AL Balushi - Quality Specialist
Telephone: 24181187

Studies & Research

3rd Floor B, OMSB Main Building 


1- Dr.Abdullah Al-Maniri/Epidemiologist
Head of Studies & Research Section
Ext: 1616
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2- Mrs. Jawaher Al-Senaidi
Studies & Research Specialist

3- Mrs. Khulood Al-Sawaei
Research & Review Specialist


1- Mr. Sachin Jose

2- Mrs. Sakeena Al-Kindi
Ext: 1066

3- Mr. Sathyia Murthi
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