To promote excellence in training and research in the field of Psychiatry.

To disseminate knowledge with the aim of early intervention and competent management of patients with mental disorders for the relief of suffering.
To provide mental health care and management at various levels and settings of care (primary, secondary, tertiary, community, inpatient, outpatient and emergency)
To implement the most updated physical methods of treatment.
To introduce and implement various forms of psychological therapies, social and rehabilitative interventions.
To improve mental health and mental health care services for all children, adults and the elderly in Oman

The program is designed to produce specialists in General Psychiatry with adequate knowledge and competency of the subspecialties including Psychotherapy, Child and Adolescent psychiatry, Substance misuse, Geriatric psychiatry, Forensic psychiatry, Rehabilitation psychiatry, Consultation-Liaison psychiatry and other relevant subspecialties.


Dr. Ahmed Al Harrasi


SQUH Dr. Hassan Mirza
AMH Dr. Said Al Kaabi

Program Duration

Duration of the Residency Training Program: 5 years

Training Centers

Main Training Centers

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
Al Masarra Hospital

Regional Hospital for other Rotations and/or Electives

Armed Forces Hospital
Royal Hospital
Al Nahda Hospital
Family Medicine Local Health Centers


Applicant should have Bachelor degree of medicine, or equivalent in Medical Sciences from a recognized medical College.
One year successful completion of internship.
Three recommendations letters.
Letter of sponsorship.
Clearance of OMSB selection examination.
Successful selection by the Specialty panel at personal interview and/or Specialty MCQ Entrance Exam

General OMSB Evaluation Forms 

In Training Evaluation Report (ITER) Direct
Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercises (Mini-CEX)
Case Based Discussions
Multi-Source Feedback Evaluation
Presentation Evaluation
Journal Club Evaluation
Six-Month and Annual Evaluation
Final In Training Evaluation (FITAR)

Progression Examinations

· OMSB End of Year Exams
· OMSB Part 1 Exam – for R2, No R3 Resident will be allowed to progress to R4 level without passing the OMSB Part 1 exam.

Exit Qualification

· Passed all of OMSB End of Year Exams
· Passed OMSB Part 1, OMSB Part 2- Written and Clinical

Other International Examinations

Optional Examinations

· Arab Board Written and Clinical examination
· MRCPsych

Program Academic Activities

New Residents Orientation
PD Meetings with residents, faculty and OMSB
6th monthly, Annual Evaluation, FITAR
Psychiatry Research Day
Psychiatry Retreat Day
PSAM Refresher Course (Aggression Mgmt)
Workshops(local)/Seminars (local)/Conferences (abroad)
Program Grand Rounds
OMSB Career Day
Education Committee and Subcommittee Meetings
Psychiatry Academic Teachings( Wednesday (AMH)Thursdays (SQUH)

Program Director:

Dr. Ahmed Al Harrasi

Associate Program Director:

Dr. Hassan Mirza, SQUH
Dr. Said Al Kaabi, AMH


Dr. Amal Al Fahdi
Dr. Nasser Al Sibani
Dr. Yousif Obeid
Dr. Hamed Al Sinawi
Dr. Tharaya Al Hashimi
Dr. Asila Al Zaabi
Dr. Saleha Al Jadidi

Program Medical Executive: Diana Lynn Santos-Delosreyes
Program e-mail:
Office number: (968) 24181025