Security is the main pillar of society stability and one of the props of the country as well as being one of its frontages to civilization. It is for this reason, the wise government of Oman is paying great concern to this aspect in order to maintain the stability of the country and the safety of the individuals. On thereof, the role of the OMSB Security Office was activated on the 9th of April 2012 according to the administrative decision no. 179/2012. The Office is assigned with carrying out the responsibility for all security aspects in OMSB and the affiliated facilities.

Educating OMSB staff on policies and by laws that assist them to abide by work environment systems security and safety aspects as to raise mutual cultural environment at OMSB .All Together targeting high quality in security and safety.

Excellence in providing security and safety service to all OMSB stakeholders.

1) Establish a working policy for a safe and secure workplace.

2) Provide documented guidelines for safety and security codes of practices (manuals and handbooks).

3) Provide training in safety and security codes of practices including First Aid.

4) Provide the workplace with the latest personnel protective equipment.

5) Establish proper hazard warning signs and safety escape maps.

6) Review safety and security documented instructions and make recommendations for their improvement.

7) Participate in Incident / Accident Investigations when required and make recommendations.

8) Review, and make recommendations concerning all reported accidents or incidents, which may have occurred in the workplaces and ensure that all are reported to Safety and Security Office.

9) Review all health and safety audit reports, make recommendations and approve final closure.

The organizational Structure of the Security Office

Tasks and duties of the Review and Documentation Section:

1. Lay out an annual work plan prioritizing the jobs of the Security Office and defining a program for implementation round the year, besides submitting reports on the achievements and the obstacles of work – if any- to the Director of the Security Office.
2. Issue and circulate security instructions within OMSB and subsidiary organs and follow up implementation thereof. 
3. Carry out security awareness activities among OMSB staff in the different departments. 
4. Inform OMSB staff on the laws and regulations that provide the employee with the culture of maintaining work and public order and keeping confidentiality of work environment together with other security aspects such as Oman Penal Law and the Law on Classification of State Records and Organization of Protected Areas.
5. Enter and update new staff data into computer systems related to the Security Office.
6. Coordinate, via Director – Security Office, with the concerned departments within and outside the Board regarding security procedures for staff appointment, promotion, transfer and other personnel affairs in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. 
7. Present reports and recommendations to the Director – Security Office regarding sensitive posts after incumbents receive the necessary security releases.
8. Keep all staff’s classified correspondence and reports in the security office files, maintain their confidentiality and follow up related procedures. 
9. Collect information and make the initial steps in case of loss of any confidential files or if they were disclosed to any non-concerned party.
10. Participate in conducting investigations on issues referred to the Office. 
11. Any other tasks assigned to the Office.

Tasks and duties of Firm Security section staff: 

1. Assume responsibility of all security aspects within the Board and its affiliates.
2. Supervise security and safety procedures for the buildings of OMSB and affiliates. 
3. Supervise security guards at the buildings of OMSB and affiliates. 
4. Apply an integrated security system, oversee application thereof and lay out and maintain a record for keys. 
5. Submit suggestions to Director- Security Office regarding developing the Board’s security system for approval.
6. Conduct inspection rounds (abrupt) at different times within the Board’s facilities and departments to pick up any violations or points of weakness in the security system, if any, and report observations to the Director- Security Office. 
7. Lay out the entry-exit system for the buildings of OMSB and its subsidiary facilities. 
8. Ensure that no body is present within the Board’s building beyond official work hours and before closing the gates, except for those authorized.
9. Ensure that employees have switched off electrical and electronic devices at the end of each work day. 
10. Issue permits for taking out items and materials from the buildings of the Board and its subsidiaries. 
11. Participate in conducting investigations on matters referred to the Office
12. Issue necessary permits for the staff assigned with additional work after the end of the official work hours as well as for the cleaning workers.

Contact Persons:

Khalid AlMamari
Review and Documentation Section (Director)
+968 2418 1113

Dawood Alshamli
Security Specialist
+968 2418 1167