The Assessment & Performance Section was officially formed on May 1, 2019 as per Qarar no. 8/2019. However, some of the section tasks were previously performed under Education Department. Assessment section in OMSB serves a critical role in ensuring, monitoring, strengthen and continually update the assessment system within OMSB Training Programs. Also, it is responsible of setting assessment tools that have been developed and enhances the existing OMSB assessment system.

Assessment section missioned to develop workplace based Assessment tools to assist resident’s competencies and explore different system resident assessment. Also, to define mechanisms of formal assessment of resident to reflect their achievements of the objectives in awarded EPAs. Assessment section support and assist the specialty to develop program specific assessments and educate trainers about principles of assessments.

To integrate assessment system that promotes learning

• To define/outline/name the Required Competencies in OMSB trained specialist/consultant
• To develop and/or recommend a variety of Tools of Assessment for the Required Competencies in an Omani Specialist/Consultant.
• To monitor the Training Programs’ assessment of the Required Competencies of residents.

Main tasks:

·         Monitor trainees’ progress through the review of various completed assessment and evaluations tools.

·         Monitor the assessment tools used to evaluate trainees’ performance through the Resident Management System.

·         Develop new assessment forms as per the OMSB and Training Program requirements.

·         Review and update existing assessment forms.

·         Review and update OMSB policies related to assessment and evaluation.

·         Solve and address various assessment issues and concerns related to the trainees’ management system.

·         Organize and conduct workshops for trainees and faculty relating to GME and assessment.

 Ms. Raghdah Al Bualy–Head of the Section

 Ms. Badriya A Habsi – Assessment Specialist

 Ms. Iatizaz Al Farsi- Medical Program Executive

 Mr. Gabriel Bautro Fortu- Medical Program Executive

Trainee-related Assessment Forms:

1.       In-Training Assessment Report (ITAR) 

·         Clinical Programs

·         Radiology and Laboratory-based Program

2. Assessment of Procedural Skills
3. Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX)

4. Presentation Evaluation
Case-Based Discussion (CbD)
Journal Club Evaluation
Multisource Feedback (MSF)
Research Block Evaluation
9. Portfolios and Logbooks

10. Six-Month/Annual Evaluation

11. Final In-Training Assessment Report (FITAR)

12. Professionalism Evaluation 

Faculty and Program-related Assessment Forms:

1.  Trainer Evaluation
Rotation Evaluation
Research Mentor Evaluation
4.  Program Director/Associate Program Director Evaluation
5.  Program Evaluation by 

Ms. Raghdah Al Bualy
Head of the Section
+968 2418 1075


Ms. Badriya Al Habsi
Assessment Specialist 
+968 2418 1138


Ms. Iatizaz Al Farsi
Medical Program Executive

+968 2418 1636


Mr. Gabriel Fortu
Medical Program Executive

+968 2418 1617

Office Address:

Assessment and Evaluation Section, Education Department 

3rd floor, Oman Medical Specialty Board 

Address: Building #:18, Plot No: 404, Block No: 244, Way No: 4443, Area: Athaiba North,
 P. O. Box: 1422, P. C 132 - Al Khoudh, Sultanate of Oman