Overview of the Department

The Education, Curricula and Accreditation department is charged with the overall educational process within residency programs. As such the department, in collaboration with the Education Committees of the various programs, works on developing educational programs and curricula, ensures that an appropriate assessment system exists, and provides overall monitoring and evaluation through facilitation of local and international accreditation programs.

The Department of Education consists of four sections:

•  Curricula Section
•  Assessment Section
•  Residents & Faculty Development Section
•  Local & International Accreditation Section


The mission of the department is to enhance graduate medical education at Oman Medical Specialty Board. 


Quality Healthcare through Quality Medical Education.


The vision and mission are supported by the following values

Main Values

Core Values:

The development, implementation, and maintenance of education programs are guided by our core values. The Education Department deals with all the educational & academic aspects of residency training programs which include but not limited to:

•  Develop, maintain and support medical education system and training in OMSB
•  Provide a means for quality medical education of an advanced level
•  Provide guidance in monitoring the residency programs and assist the program administrators to configure the monitoring system (New Innovations).
•  Produce personnel with specialized knowledge and skill of an advanced level for the health services and for teaching and research in the medical sciences
•  Encourage continuous self-education,  foster a spirit of inquiry and research into medical problems, and also to provide the means and the intellectual environment where in such inquiry and research may be better undertaken.
• Evaluation of educational program outcomes for accountability and to uniquely make a scholarly contribution in the area of educational development, organization, and administration.

As part of the effort to facilitate for Education’s mission and vision, the team dedicates significant effort toward innovation and programmatic development. The purpose of this effort is:

• To develop, implement, and help in evaluate education programs in order to address the needs and challenges of trainees, faculty and other OMSB staff.
• To support, enhance, and headline the research and teaching efforts of Faculty and the scholarly accomplishments of our trainees.
• Coordinate and improve resident and faculty development and clinical teaching opportunities.


 Education Team


 Email Address

 Dr. Mahmood AL-Jufaili  Department Director  mahmood.j@omsb.org
 Raghdah Al Bualy  Acting Head, Curricula Section  raghdah.b@omsb.org
 Shamsa Al Wahaibi  Curricula Specialist  shamsa.w@omsb.org
 Manar Al Ishaqi  Accreditation Specialist  manar.i@omsb.org
 Kholoud Al Shuhoumi  Curricula Specialist  khuluod.s@omsb.org
 Badriya A Habsi  Assessment Specialist  badriya.a@omsb.org
 Manahil Al Farsi  International Accreditation Specialist  manahil.f@omsb.org
 Gabriel Bautro Fortu  Medical Program Executive  gabriel.f@omsb.org
 Xyllene Reynaldo  Medical Program Executive, Accreditation  xyllene.r@omsb.org
 Kristel Malibiran  Medical Program Executive, Quality Assurance, Accreditation  kristel.m@omsb.org 
 Muna Al Battashi  Curricula Specialist  muna.b@omsb.org
 Tahra Al Wahaibi  Scientific Committee Specialist  tahra.w@omsb.org
 Khadija AL-Khoziri  Training Development  Specialist  khadija.k@omsb.org
 Coohila Al Hakamani  Training Development  Specialist  coohilaa.h@omsb.org
 Rosemarie Rodanila  Medical Program Executive, Assessment Section  rosemarie.r@omsb.org